Press Kit

Risa Owens has attended the University of Hard Knocks in Alabama. She was learning Disabled as a small child along with a speech impediment which caused her great suffering at the hands of others. She took that disability and turned it around to make herself a better person, and woman. 

She has become an author, who is reaching out to others who has been through the same rejections, shame, and, or depression that she had suffered from. Her books are targeted toward those that are at war with themselves because of what others might have done to them or made them feel about themselves.

Risa has written two books, one being based on her life, a third coming out this July of 2022. 

She has been featured in the Andalusia Star Newspaper and is appearing as a guest on Melody Brown's ZigZag1 Overcomer Podcast in Georgia soon. She has spoken at several ladies' events in the past year and is available to speak at your events.

Story Ideas

1. Overcoming a Learning Disability

2. Learning to Deal with Bullies

3. Finding Peace in the Middle of Rejection

4. Finding Yourself among the Fires of Rejection

5. Depression is Real, yet it doesn't have to define you

6. Loss is the worst grief, but life does go on.

7. Lost love isn't the end of your life.

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