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it's the mission of this ministry to first witness for Jesus, and Him born of a virgin, crucified, raised from the dead and seated 

at the right hand of the Father in heaven our God. 

it is our mission to give Him glory, praise and reverence in all that we do, say and how we conduct this ministry.

it is my mission that all that I write and say be the words from God, words of encouragement, edification and love. In writing my blogs, and the books i have written it is my hope, and prayer that something I have written from God will touch someone's heart. that it will tell the love of Jesus, his healing and restoration.





Hello, I'm Risa Owens

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me here at RisasCorner ~ WarriorforAll Blog plus more. Let me start by telling you a bit about myself; first of all, I'm originally from the Gulf Coast region of Alabama but now live in the East Central part of the state near my only daughter and granddaughter. 

I've been a single mother for forty-two years now, I had my daughter alone and raise her alone, so I'm well versed in what it's like to be a single parent. I've been single for all but seven years of my life, and I have become content in my situation. I feel singleness can be a calling for some. Also, I'm a born-again Christian, my gifts are in teaching, knowledge and faith. I'm an avid study of God's word. Along with all of this knowledge and wisdom I hope together we can learn from one another some new truths, promises and applications for our lives to make everyday life a little better for each of us. So, if you stop by, tell your family, friends and others about my site, and there will be freebies for those who sign up for the quarterly newsletter. Look for a new blog each Wednesday.

Bye now




Singleness &

New Release ~ Fiction

Hop over to Melony Browns Zig Zag & 1 Podcast and listen to the awesome interview she did with me a few months ago plus many others she has on her site.



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